Informations about the Camping Bel Air and the Covid-19

We are in doubt with this crisis of Covid-19... We can't say when we will be allowed to travel again in the next weeks or months. For the moment we haven't more informations to give to you, but we can give to you some guarantees!

It is possible to make a reservation right now?

In normal conditions


Maybe you think it's a crazy idea to make a reservation now, this is why we will be as clear as possible. Before, let us remind to you our two kind of price:


  • Our starting price, whitout cancellation without refund

If you book your stay without cancellation or refund, the booking become firm and no refundable 7 calendar days after the reservation, or just after the payment if the booking is made 30 days before the beginning of the stay.

  • The price with the cancellation and refund guarantee

When you book your stay with the cancellation guarantee (in option) you can cancel your reservation up to 3 days before the beginning of your stay and be refund of entire amount without justification to give. If you prefer we can give to you a voucher available 12 months. 



In the Covid-19 case


Exceptionnal situation means particular conditions, accordingly we guarantee to you a entire refund or a voucher of the total amount of your stay in these following cases:


  • Our camping can't welcome you because the authorities have close our camping as the restaurants or bars at this time = refund or voucher.
  • You can't move to our camping because borders are closed or the Gironde region is confined = refund or voucher.
  • You come for a specific event as a concert, tradeshow or sports tournament and this event is cancelled = refund or voucher,
    You need provid a proof of participation and a proof of the cancellation. If the event is postponed a no refundable voucher will be give to you up to the new date of this event.



In other cases


If you are not in one of the precedent situations, we offer to you the possibilty to move your stay to another date (new dates are submitted to the effective price) or have a no refundable voucher available 12 months.


I am in the Covid-19 case, how resquet a refund?

If you are in one of the precedent situations, don't hesitate to call us at +33 5 56 23 01 90 or send a email at with references of your booking, the reason of cancellation with possible evidences and your bank account statement (SEPA standard) if you have paid with a credit card.

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